German Board Game Championship for Teams


“Die regionale Vorausscheidung” / “RegVor” – Regional Qualifier Tournament

“Die Deutschen Mannschaftsmeisterschaft im Brettspiel” / “DM” / “Finale” – Finals of the German Board Game Championship

General Information

The German Board Game Championship for teams is an event organized by DMMiB in co-operation with 15 board gaming clubs throughout Germany and the Brettspielwelt, the online platform for board game players.

The Regional Qualifier tournaments for the championship take place at the end of February, and the finals in May/June in Bad Nauheim. A maximum of 20 teams can participate in each of the 16 Regional Qualifier tournaments. 1 to 3 teams qualify at each Qualifier for the final in Bad Nauheim.

The first 4 – 6 teams of the final qualify for the European Championships, which are played in October, during the SPIEL in Essen.

The championship becomes possible only by the support of the publishing houses.

Conditions for participation

Only teams, from 4 to 6 persons, can participate. Four persons begin as team, two further persons are considered reserve players. The reserve players cannot be exchanged during a current tournament however, they only can be exchanged before the begin of a tournament (Regional Qualifier, Final, European Championship).

In principle only the announced persons are entitled to play, whereby the four, who begin a tournament, must play this to the end. If a team qualifies for one of the following tournaments, and one or more team members cannot play this tournament, the reserve players can be used.

Tournament mode

Four different board or card games are played during a tournament. The games for the Regional Qualifier tournaments are selected via an internet voting. The games for the final – “DM”, are selected by the DMMiB team. For the Regional Qualifier tournaments the teams bring along a package of the four tournament games. To the final – “DM” the games are provided by the publishing houses and the DMMiB team. The teams have the possibility to buy a package of the tournament games for a special price from DMMiB.

During the tournament four games are played in four rounds, each round with a different game.

In total 16 games for each team are rated according to the following rules:

Winner gets 5 points, the second 3 points, the third 2 points and the fourth 1 point. In the case of ties the points are summed up and divided by the number of players involved in the tie. Finally the 16 results of a team is summed up.

Online tournament

One of the regional qualifier tournaments is an online tournament. It is organized by the Brettspielwelt (, and is usually played already in November.


Registrations to the championship are starting at the SPIEL in Essen, there you can receive the first information. Deadline for applications is approximately one week before the first tournaments are played in February.

The DMMiB team, the Brettspielwelt and further 15 clubs and associations invite you to play boardgames under tournament conditions!

Peter Janshoff

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